Our Vision is to reach the people groups at the ends of the earth by bringing balance to all four geographies of how the church does missions. 


Mission Advocacy

There are Unreached People groups that are outside of the reach of current ministries of the Church. Some of them are far away, others are right around the corner.  We love them. Jesus loves them. Please let us tell you more about them. 

Mission Strategy

Almost all mission strategy starts with population numbers. Some people groups are chronically overlooked. 4G mission theory brings balance by starting with the small and easily forgotten people groups because Jesus' kingdom is upside down. Our strategy starts with defining relational and cultural distance regardless of geographical distance, and seeks to find balance and clarity in what is still left undone.

Mission Training

In the past it was sufficient to train people in cross-cultural ministry when they were going overseas. Now, 40% of Melburnians are born overseas. The skills that missionaries have developed overseas are now needed here, for the whole church. Traverse training helps churches realise their full potential in reaching the nations for Christ.