Training Modules available for your group from Traverse

Modules are of various lengths. Lectures, workbooks and practical assignments are included in each module. Our intention is that modules will be hosted through churches or other Christian organisations.  We can fit your schedule. Please don't let the cost of training prevent you from running it. We are generous people and willing to discuss costs.  Download the Syllabus for complete module descriptions and prices. 

  • G3 At Home Cross-cultural ministry methods and practice

  • The Love of a Good Story Oral Bible Storytelling for G4 contexts and at home

  • God’s Heart for the Nations A Biblical Theology of Missions

  • Post Christian Europe G2 Mission in the lands of our ancestors

  • Nomads and the Gospel What the G4 nomadic worldview can teach us all.

  • Multi-cultural G1 Fellowships

  • Spiritual Realities in G3 and G4 contexts

  • Sending and supporting a missionary

  • Language Learning for all geographies of mission

  • Church Planting Models *advanced

  • Ethnographic Project *advanced

  • Religions research *advanced

  • History of Missions

  • History of Aboriginal Australian contact with the Church

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