How do I balance "calling"? Is it ok to be all about my own thing?

4G Mission Theory hinges on the principle that all 4 Geographies are equally essential and equally deserving of the church's attention and resources. 

But, how does that relate to our individual calling? Many of us have come to realise that at least for a specific time in our lives God is calling us to focus on a specific ministry. This certainty of direction from God and the passion and love that he gives to fulfil it, is what people usually mean when they talk about their "calling". We all have certain ministries that sit closer to our hearts and that we tell others about naturally. 

Its really easy to give into the temptation to present your particular passion as the most important. It makes sense to you - God has made it a really big deal for you and you find a soap box to spread that idea far and wide.  I get it. I've done it. Oh, I've done it a lot. You can probably picture yourself or someone you know doing this. (It might even be me you are picturing!?) 

My particular bias is G4. I've probably mentioned that already ;) I want to build a platform to tell the whole church about the oral, nomadic minorities that are constantly being overlooked. At least from my perspective. And I've done that when opportunities presented themselves. Inevitably, someone would respond with "We can't all go". Honestly, that used to really irk me.  But, I think I now know what she's saying.  She's saying: Why is everyone looking to distant shores while the church hear is shrinking? We are losing numbers quickly and our influence on society is all but gone? Isn't anyone noticing? See, that's G2 and God has given her a calling too. 

I still feel the temptation right here to present the arguments why my thing is more important. The struggle is real, and I have many statistics and stories in my bag of tricks. Please forgive me for the times I let them fly. 

God has given us different callings, but they aren't in competition. They are each a piece of his heart so how could they be? 

Acts 1:8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

We need to work together to understand each of the 4 Geographies that God is calling us to in Jesus. I personally know very little about ministry within a church, part of G1. But if I'm not sharing Jesus love with the people I'm not already in community (church or otherwise) with, why do I think I'll manage it anywhere else? 

All 4 are essential. When I don't have to worry about my personal calling not getting it's fair attention I am free to support and listen to what other people are saying too. 

At Traverse you might see that we talk more about G3 here and G4. This is not because we think they are more important. (God catch me if I fall into that temptation) We do this because we believe the church has less information about these opportunities.