It has always been about the nations

Back in 2006, during our first year on the field as a family, Paul was asked to preach in the little Korean-led church that we were attending. The church had a few Tuvan students and Paul's Sundays, once a month, became known as Tuvan Sundays as he would encourage scripture reading in the Tuvan language and preach in such a way that attracted the Tuvans attention. He did a series from Genesis because at the time that was the only book of the Bible we had in the Tuvan language. It was a great choice anyway because it helped an international church recognise our common history. Since the time of Abraham God has been working to reunite to himself the nations that were lost at the Tower of Babel. 
During this first year we were learning so much. Aside from Russian language and struggling with the culture shock of a new host country we were also digging deep to understand the unreached indigenous people groups and their unique experiences and perspectives. We were yet to "pick a people group" as such, waiting for God to lead us through relationship. The Tuvans were the first Siberian people group that we interacted with. Some of you might remember the story of our camping adventure in Tuva - our first foray into the spiritual realities of Shamanist people. In coming years we also ministered to Sakha students in Krasnoyarsk and visited the Ket, Chulym, Khakas and Altai people before our ministry turned to focus mostly on the Evenki. It was with the Evenki that we sunk our teeth into language learning all over again (after Russian) and worked in language preservation and Bible translation projects. 
And now we move on again. Its hard, when our passion for the Evenki has not gone away and the projects we began are not completed. But, it has always been about the nations. Back when Paul prepared those sermons about the Tower and about Abraham God was speaking to us. He was training our hearts to see the nations as he does, each one as a precious one of his creation and that he was actively trying to get them back. Missions is not something that Jesus tacked on to the back end of his gospel message as he was leaving. It is the very reason he came! From the time of Abraham God has been doing everything possible to get his children back, to call all of the nations back to himself. 
When we first went out in missions you, the church, sent us out. Now we are back in Melbourne and this time we are sending the church out.