Standing with John Chau and the Sentinelese (Digital)

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Standing with John Chau and the Sentinelese (Digital)

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On November 17th John Chau was killed by the arrows of the the indigenous inhabitants of North Sentinel island. It was his desire to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the Sentinelese. 

The media storm that followed has been quick to criticise his actions questioning his motives and his methods. He has been painted by some as a fool, by some as self-seeking and by others as an aggressive colonialist. 

With little details, the church and the missions community had to scramble quickly to decide whether to distance ourselves from him or to embrace a brother in Christ who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

There are so many questions of faith and ministry that are tied up in this story, and they are vitally important. The world is asking about the basics of what the church believes and Christians are facing confronting questions that rarely come to the forefront like this. 

This study guide will help you search for Biblical answers to the deeper points of what this missionary story is about:

Does John Chau’s death prove he was a failure?

How Lost are the Lost?

How entwined are colonialism and the church?

Did John Chau hear a calling from God?

Paul & Melody Kube worked with indigenous people groups in Siberia for 12 years with Pioneers of Australia. They are currently working in Melbourne for Traverse, to help the church understand the remaining task of our Great Commission. 

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