Afghan Tajiks


Immigrants from: Afghanistan

Population in Australia: 32,000

Where in VIC: Casey, Dandenong, Shepparton, Geelong

Languages: Dari

Religion: Sunni Muslim

Christian witness: 0.25%

(78 individuals) in Australia

The Tajiks are the second largest ethnic people group of Afghanistan. (Others include the Pashtun and Hazara). In Australia the majority of Afghan immigrants are Tajiks and usually came earlier than the Hazara.  The Afghan Tajiks speak a Persian language called Dari that is related to Farsi (Iranian). They are also closely related to the Tajiks of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. 

About 2/3 of Afghan Tajiks in Australia have citizenship. Those who have come more recently have found this process increasingly difficult. Those on refugee bridging visas can be compelled by Immigration to move to regional centres. The road to stability is bumpy. 

There are three groups of valued people in Tajik culture: children, elderly and guests. There is always a role for children to play in gatherings. The elderly are always consulted and listened to in important decisions. When a guest comes a dasturkhan or special table cloth is laid out. 

The Tajiks are very hospitable people. This is an amazing opportunity. You can bring the gospel with you when invited in to a Afghan Tajik home, as soon as you enter offer a blessing on the household in the name of Isa the Messiah, and watch what good things will happen next. (Luke 10:5-7)

The women in the Tajik culture are the cultural protectors. Some men who came to faith before their families arrived later pulled back when pressured by their wives. The gospel will need to impact whole families. Only then can their community be impacted.